SOCIOL 190 | From Berkeley to the Public: The Art of Writing about Contentious Politics

2023 Fall | T, 2-4 pm | COURSE #16946 | UNITS: 4

Kim Voss & Tyler Leeds

This course begins from two premises: that good writing is good thinking, and that social science research can help to make a better world.

Social science research is complex, but one way to overcome that complexity is to write about research in a way that emphasizes clarity and concision. Such writing is not only helpful for understanding research, but also for building a bridge between academics and a public audience.

This class teaches students the art of writing by having them read and write about research on contentious politics. By focusing on political conflict, we hope to understand and write about something increasingly central to American life.

Topics to be covered include research on immigration politics, the backlash to the 1619 Project, police violence, and the causes and consequences of protest.