Teaching STEM Writing Workshop

Learning how to teach students to write in their own field is not typically a prominent element of education in the sciences. Art of Writing is committed to changing this culture, to strengthening the role of writing within STEM fields, and to bridging STEM and the humanities through writing.

Art of Writing offers STEM faculty and graduate students intensive three-day long workshops in STEM-specific writing pedagogy. Berkeley instructors design writing assignments that teach students crucial, field-specific communication skills rather than simply assessing their subject knowledge. The workshop also provides a valuable opportunity to build a community of UC Berkeley STEM educators who recognize the importance of teaching persuasive science communication. 

Our efforts are designed to increase opportunities for the STEM, data science, and computer science communities to communicate their work both to members of their fields and to broader audiences, and to cultivate an appreciation of the importance of strong and versatile writing in their disciplines. 

Professor Cary Moskovitz, a leading scholar in STEM writing pedagogy, leads the workshops.