“A rare opportunity to reflect upon and actively prepare for the practice of teaching writing with peers.”—Art of Writing workshop participant

A critical part of the Art of Writing mission is to celebrate writing as a teachable art. To that end, we have spent many years developing workshops that help graduate students and faculty weave writing exploration and invention into their courses. Our workshops teach instructors to incorporate depth of knowledge from their own fields into their writing pedagogy. 

Faculty and graduate students who attend Art of Writing pedagogy programs receive guidance on aspects of course development that they would otherwise have to pursue on their own, such as assembling syllabi, designing effective writing assignments, and encouraging peer exchange and review. 

Experts in various areas of pedagogy give guest lectures as part of the curriculum; past speakers have included Jay Dolmage and Stacey Waite.

Past cohorts of workshop participants have supported one another far beyond the length of their initial courses, serving as each other’s sounding boards and collaborators as they refine the art of teaching writing in their respective disciplines. 

Art of Writing pedagogy workshops include: